SmileDirectClub Bankruptcy

SmileDirectClub, founded in 2014, once promised to revolutionize the orthodontics industry by offering DIY mail-order aligners. Marketed as a more affordable alternative to braces,  SmileDirectClub has recently filed for bankruptcy after reporting over $900 million in debt. Their abrupt shutdown has potentially left tens of thousands of customers without treatment support.

In collaboration with Invisalign®, Walton & Maready Orthodontics in Raleigh NC is offering a significant discount exclusively for SmileDirectClub patients affected by the closure. While SmileDirect’s “Lifetime Smile Guarantee” has disappeared, you can benefit from in-office orthodontic expertise to address your treatment needs. Healthy, beautiful smiles have always been our priority.

SmileDirectClub vs Invisalign®

Invisalign® is often considered superior to SmileDirectClub and other mail-order aligners for the following reasons:

Invisalign provides a higher level of professional supervision with treatment plans crafted and monitored by licensed orthodontists and dentists, ensuring a more precise and personalized approach to address a broader range of orthodontic issues, including complex cases.

Invisalign®’s direct, in-person consultations, 3D scans, and X-rays contribute to a comprehensive assessment that is monitored and adjusted throughout your treatment plan.

Invisalign® has an established reputation and proven track record as a pioneer in the aligner space.

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