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Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

There are so many options to straighten your teeth that anyone can find a method that fits both their lifestyle and their pocketbook! Traditional metal braces aren’t for everyone and that’s where Invisalign can help. Whether you are a teen or an adult, Invisalign and our orthodontists in Raleigh, North Carolina, can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

A Brief History of Clear Aligners

Align Technology, the company that developed Invisalign, was founded in 1997 by Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth who thought that clear braces could revolutionize the sometimes stagnant orthodontic market. They saw a need for an alternative to the metal-and-wire braces that had been used for decades.

Initially, their aligners weren’t as effective as metal braces. However, the company invested heavily in research and development, as well as in finding orthodontists who could prescribe their new treatment effectively. This commitment has led to new patents in aligner technology and steady growth for the company.

What Sets Invisalign Apart

Invisalign was the first clear, plastic aligner braces alternative on the market. Align Technology has invested more in research and development and hold more patents on the technology than any other clear aligner company. They continuously release new products, such as the iTero Element® scanner, ClinCheck® software, SmartTrack® material, SmartForce® attachments, and Vivera® retainers, ensuring that every step of the treatment process works seamlessly together.

Invisalign aligners are prescribed by your orthodontist, who carefully monitors your progress. Invisalign certifies its providers and offers ongoing education for both existing and new products.

Because these aligners are virtually invisible when worn, they can significantly boost your confidence while straightening your teeth. Additionally, since they are removable, there are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink, and maintaining your oral hygiene is as simple as ever—just remove the aligner to brush and floss like normal.

What Does Invisalign Do?

Invisalign is a versatile orthodontic treatment that can address a wide range of dental issues, from common to more complex cases. Here are some of the key problems that Invisalign can fix:


An overbite occurs when the upper front teeth significantly overlap the lower front teeth. This can cause issues such as wear on the lower teeth, jaw pain, and can even affect the appearance of your smile. Invisalign can gradually shift the teeth into a more optimal position, reducing the overbite and aligning the teeth properly.


An underbite happens when the lower teeth protrude past the upper teeth. This misalignment can lead to difficulties in chewing and speaking, as well as increased wear on the teeth. Invisalign aligners can correct this by guiding the lower teeth back into a more natural position relative to the upper teeth.


A crossbite occurs when the upper and lower jaws don’t line up correctly, causing some upper teeth to sit inside the lower teeth rather than outside. This can lead to tooth wear, gum disease, and bone loss. Invisalign can adjust the teeth to ensure that the upper and lower teeth fit together correctly.

Gap Teeth

Gap teeth refer to extra space between the teeth. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, including abnormal growth of the jawbone or missing teeth. Invisalign can close these gaps by gradually moving the teeth closer together, resulting in a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Open Bite

An open bite is when the upper and lower teeth do not meet when the mouth is closed. This can interfere with biting and chewing, and often stems from habits like thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. Invisalign can correct an open bite by moving the upper and lower teeth into proper alignment so they meet correctly when the mouth is closed.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth occur when there isn’t enough space in the jaw for the teeth to fit normally. This can lead to overlapping and twisting of teeth, making them harder to clean and increasing the risk of dental problems. Invisalign can create more space in the jaw by gradually moving the teeth into better positions, resulting in a more orderly arrangement.

Generally Straighter Teeth

Beyond specific issues, Invisalign is also highly effective for those simply looking to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile. By wearing a series of custom-made aligners, your teeth will gradually move into their ideal positions, enhancing both function and aesthetics.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Using the iTero® 3D scanner, your doctor will create a 3D image of your teeth in just minutes. There is no need for messy models to be made anymore. From this image, the ClinCheck software designs your aligners based on what you and your doctor are trying to accomplish with your smile. The aligners are then custom made and individually trimmed to make sure they are comfortable.

Once you receive your aligners, you wear them at least 22 hours a day for a couple of weeks and then move on to the next aligner. It’s really that simple. The number of aligners depends upon what corrections are being made. The aligners are designed to put a gentle, constant force on the teeth that need to be adjusted.

At your progress appointments with your orthodontist, you will be able to follow your smile’s improvement with digital images from the iTero  scanner. These appointments also tend to be much shorter than with metal braces because there are no wires to adjust.

Maintaining Your Beautiful Smile After Invisalign

Once the treatment with your aligners is complete, it’s time to make sure your smile stays beautiful. At the end of your treatment, you will receive a Vivera retainer which is virtually invisible and twice as durable as a normal retainer. Your dentist or orthodontist will prescribe the best way to wear it to maintain your smile.

While Invisalign isn’t for every orthodontic case, these clear aligners can treat many issues. They offer a great alternative to traditional braces and can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Could Invisalign be right for you? Contact Walton & Maready Orthodontics, an Elite Invisalign Provider, in Raleigh, North Carolina, today!


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