Unhappy with Mail-Order Aligners?

As trained specialists in straightening teeth, we are concerned about the risks involved with mail-order aligners. When there isn’t a doctor to examine a patient beforehand or over-see the progress of treatment during, things can go awry.  Many people who have used mail-order aligners come to our office complaining that the aligners caused their bite to feel “off”.

If you have been using Smile Direct, Candid Co., or other mail-order aligners and are unhappy with your results, we encourage you to come to see us for a complimentary evaluation.  We know these aligners are expensive and in deference to the money you have already spent, we are happy to discuss a discount on the treatment fee.

You can learn more about the disadvantages of at-home aligner treatments in our blog Common Orthodontic Treatment.

You should also check out the consumer alert issued by the American Association of Orthodontists for other valuable information to consider:https://www.aaoinfo.org/_/online-orthodontic-companies/.


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